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Booking A Wedding Disco
Tips & F.A.Q's

Online wedding guides and wedding planners all now have a list of suggested questions to ask when booking a DJ for your wedding, here we try and answer some of those questions and give some explanation.

First of all, let me say that these suggestions apply whether you book with Russell Pro DJ or any other entertainment provider.


  • How much do you charge?

Usually, the first thing we are asked.

Our number one piece of advice above all else is DO NOT BOOK YOUR WEDDING DISCO BASED ON PRICE, I cannot stress this strongly enough, any professional DJ will be able to tell of many instances of panicking couples calling because their DJ has let them down at the last minute, it happens all the time, so please whoever you book, hire a reputable professional someone who makes their living as a DJ and has the experience to supply the service your wedding deserves.

It doesn't necessarily have to cost that much more to book a reliable DJ, in general if you discuss your requirements, most DJ's will try and work within your budget or offer suggestions, but do take into consideration that if they are charging a higher fee, they must be worth it or they wouldn't still be in business, this is a very competitive industry.

  • Why do you charge more than some other DJ's?

We supply a full service, just like your Wedding Planner, Photographer or Venue, and like them you don't just pay for the time your guests are attending, there is a lot going on in preparation, the average wedding will constitute of around two to four day's work before we even arrive at your venue.

A Professional DJ could easily have well over £10,000 worth of equipment (The good stuff isn't cheap) and this all needs to be maintained, updated, and replaced when necessary, and like many business we have vehicle maintenance, and general business expenses, this all adds up, and has to be taken into account when pricing our services.

At Russell Pro DJ, we also supply over forty years of hard-earned experience of thousands of successful weddings and events, and that is priceless.

  • ​Can we meet face to face for a personal consultation?


All DJs should be happy to do this, usually it isn't necessary for the initial enquiry but always ask, if they say "No", don't book them.

  • What is included in the price quoted?

All of our packages are "All Inclusive" everything you need for the advertised price and not a penny more, but always ask when you call as some DJ's do charge extra for, setup time, background music etc... so make sure you ask what's included so you don't get a nasty surprise when they ask for payment.

  • Do you supply a contract or confirmation?

Yes of course,

It sounds obvious but do make sure that you get receipts for any deposits and balance payments and a confirmation or contract document to outline what has been agreed, If your DJ can't provide these, don't book them.

  • Can we see you perform before we book you?


I completely understand why you would ask and as a potential client it's a great idea, but I would feel very uncomfortable asking a bride and groom if they would mind me inviting strangers to come and have a look at their wedding, how would you respond ? so on behalf of our clients, I would respectfully decline.

I think our Testimonials and Gallery images speak for themselves.

  • Can you supply a CD or recording of your performance?


I think this is more relevant to bands and singers, for DJs I don't think it would be helpful, we don't have set playlists like many bands do so if we gave you a recording of one of our events, the chances are that it would be completely different to how we would handle your event, so not very representative of what we do.

  • How many of you are there?

That depends on your chosen package, we don't have staff on site unless they are needed so the DJ won't have his girlfriend or boyfriend sitting in the corner, however extra staff are required for our larger disco and photo booth systems, otherwise it could take up to six hours or more to set up.

  • Do you work with noise limiters?


Most DJ's will work with noise limiters and the majority of the time with no issue, but they do by their very nature take control of the power switch out of our hands, and sound level limits vary considerably between venues, so although we are happy to work with limiters we do advise our clients of the possible consequences.

  • Do you have Portable Appliance Test (PAT) and Public Liability Insurance (PLI) certificates?


All of our equipment is PAT tested annually and checked during every setup, we have Global Cover of  £10m PLI and £10m ELI (Employers Liability Insurance) to cover all additional staff, £10m Product Liability Insurance and £10m Photo Booth Insurance, the safety of all attending our events is very important to us.

Transport is also covered by "To Venue Forward Recovery" to ensure we will always get there no matter what.

These documents​ ensure that all electrical equipment is tested by a qualified electrical engineer and is fully insured, and although we are ourselves certified to PAT Test equipment we still employ an Indipendant testing company to verify the safety of our systems.

We usually send these documents directly to your venue a week or so before the event (to ensure they are up to date) or provide hard copies during a site visit, you can also download copies directly from this website for your own records if you wish.

This is a legal requirement for venues so do check that these documents are available and up to date, if your DJ cannot provide these documents, Definitely Don't book them.

  • Do you have backup equipment?


Any type of equipment can at some time breakdown no matter how good it is, ALL of our disco systems come complete with a separate backup system running alongside at all times, in the event of an equipment or software failure on our main system, our backup system is ready to go.

We use professional software that has a built-in protection so even if the software crashes it will carry on playing the current track and inform us of the problem, we then simply fade in our backup system, you would never even notice, even our speakers are individually powered so if one of those fails the rest of the system will continue unaffected, not ideal but it won't bring your party to a sudden halt.

Equipment breaking down in the middle of a wedding celebration or any event for that matter is not acceptable to us so we do everything in our power to prevent it, if your DJ cannot supply at least some form of backup equipment, don't book them.

  • Do you supply other services?


We try and include everything we supply on our website, complete with a full price list so that hopefully you have all the information in one place to browse at your leisure, our website also has several places where you can ask a quick question or contact us directly if you're not too sure about something, and if you can't find what you're looking for on our website we can probably get it for you, just ask.

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