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Sound & Lighting Systems

Our Equipment In More Detail.

Sound Systems

Sound Systems

Russell Pro DJ control desk.
Our standard sound desk.
Mixer and midi controller rack system.

Our sound is delivered via purpose built powerful computer rack systems containing a studio quality audio interface tuned by Bang & Olufsen and running the latest professional DJ software, this is integrated with a fully digital Denon/Pioneer media system, containing many thousands of tracks, plus the ability to download directly from millions online.


Russell Pro DJ build and configure sound systems based on sound quality not volume levels, after all that's what really counts, to achieve this we run world renowned Electro Voice and JBL performance sound systems.

Every system is matched to the requirements of each event, ranging from just 600 watts to many kilowatts of power including Electro Voice sub-bass systems, ensuring dependable high-quality sound whether playing to a sedate gathering of ten, or a highly charged crowd of a thousand.

All of our speakers are individually powered giving the added security that if one of them should fail, the rest of the system will continue unaffected, and every sound system is supplied backed up by a secondary system running alongside which can be switched to at any time for complete peace of mind.

Lighting Effects

Lighting Systems

Lighting effects are possibly the main factor in creating an exciting atmosphere to help your guests really get into party mode.


The effects lighting available to the modern mobile disco industry has changed significantly over the last few years with LED technology providing deeper more defined colours, and a huge diversity of movement and control, we take full advantage of this with a constantly changing light show, ranging from subtle ambient mood lighting to a full-on excitement fuelling visual experience.

Utilising the latest technology gives us a vivid and powerful array of lighting while at the same time allowing us when required, to keep our whole system very versatile and compact without the need for large gantry lighting frames, just two or three of these multi programmable units can easily light up a dancefloor without compromise.

All of this suspended above a professional quality Star or LED Matrix frontdrop concealing all cables and stands to give a clean and stylish finish.

LED Beams with Haze.
Hypnotic Lasers.
Moonflower effect lighting by Russell Pro DJ
Party sound and lighting hire Hull
LED Panel with Haze.
Moving Head Lighting hire from Russell Pro DJ
LED Quad Gobo Scans.
Water projection lighting by Russell Pro DJ
Custom image Projectors

Custom Image Projectors

Custom Image Projector by Russell Pro DJ, Hull.
Hearts Gobos at The Barn at Willerby.
Stars Gobo at Saltmarshe Hall_edited.

The perfect way to really make your event stand out from the crowd !

Have your name, event title, or even your company logo projected onto walls ceilings or dance floors, just the thing to add that touch of class to any wedding or black-tie function.

You can choose from one of our Free To Use Stock Projections or have us create a custom image designed just for you, perhaps to match your Invitations or menu design.

Images can be static, rotating or flashing to create the look to match your event.

Custom Projections are available in a large range of designs, from a simple monogram to multicoloured 3D images. Prices start at £70 for full design and production, we supply high quality, professionally produced laser cut metal or glass projection gobos to ensure a clear sharp image for your event.

Please Note:

If you choose to have a personalised custom produced projection gobo, you only pay for the manufacture and delivery costs, Russell Pro DJ add no commission or charges of any kind, and if you would like to keep the gobo as a memento after the event we will be happy to supply it to you with our compliments.

Our Stock Gobo Selection For Any Occasion

wedding gobo projection by
image gobo projection by
LED Matrix

LED Matrix Curtains

The LED Matrix Curtain is an updated and vastly improved version of the popular traditional Star Curtain but that's where any similarity ends, with enhanced LED Technology and dedicated software controllers, this curtain can show scrolling text, 3D images and hundreds of complex patterns.

Matrix Curtains can be used across the front of the disco systems (Pictured) or as an added Backdrop above the disco.

Our Disco Package 2 with Matrix Frontdrop.
Venue Uplighting

Fully Synchronised Uplighting And Wall Wash Systems

Uplighting is a simple but very effective lighting effect which can be used to highlight columns or corners of a room in a colour to match for example the colour theme of your wedding.

Originally this would have taken the form of static stage spotlights, having coloured gels placed over them and being positioned against the wall, the drawback of this method was the fact that they were quite large and would rapidly become rather hot, so not ideal if children are running around.

By utilising today's latest LED technology our effects can provide considerably smaller units, with much higher output while producing virtually no heat and displaying a limitless variety of colours.


Taking things to the next level.

Uplighting provides subtle ambient mood lighting slowly fading between colours during your guest's arrival and dining but Russell Pro DJ go a little further, when the party gets under way our uplighting units synchronise with our main lighting system to bring not only the dance floor but the whole room alive.

One of our Wedding Packages at Tickton Grange Hotel.
LED Uplighting at Village Hotel Hull.
Wedding venue uplighting by Russell Pro DJ Yorkshire
Fog & Haze

Dry Ice (Dancing On The Clouds) and Haze Effects

Fog and Haze effects can add dramatically to the dynamics of modern lighting, showing the full range of coloured beams, and enhancing movement and patterns of light, which would otherwise not be visible.

Wedding Disco Package 2 with Haze.
Dancing on the clouds machine hire Yorkshire

I'm sure you have all witnessed or heard of DJ's disappearing into a cloud of smoke, thankfully things have moved on considerably since those days, professional equipment operated correctly can transform any light show.

instead of the oil-based gushing smoke machines of old, Russell Pro DJ use water based Haze Machines, which rather than fill the room in one all engulfing blast of smoke, constantly emit a fine haze, often invisible to the naked eye, this haze hangs in the air for the whole evening defining laser like beams from lighting effects.

Another option to consider is Low Fog (Dancing on the clouds as it is also known) which stays close to the ground, adding a completely new eerie dimension to a Halloween or Zombie Party Night.

Ideal for weddings, a low fog machine can add a stunning truly magical effect to your first dance.



Haze & Low Fog machines can be provided subject to venue agreement.

Fog effects have a bad reputation for triggering smoke alarms and some venues ban there use outright, if you are considering these effects, we advise you to discuss this with your chosen venue well in advance of the event date as we will have to abide by their wishes on the night. If your venue management do have any concerns, please feel free to refer them to us for details of equipment to be used, and if they are still unsure we will happily arrange a demonstration for the venue at an earlier date.

Video Discos

Video Discos & VDJ Hire

linked video screens, wedding at The Deep Hull by Russell Pro DJ

Rapidly becoming a must have for any event, video adds a whole new element to the evening's entertainment, bringing the music to life by enabling us to show the accompanying video to your favourite music, plus live concert recordings so you can sing along with the audience or copy the dance moves to your favourite party tracks.

In the event of the video for a certain piece of music not being available, the screens will automatically show colourful intricate moving patterns synchronised to the beat of the music, our screens can also show scrolling messages for dedications or announcements.

Video can really add that extra touch to a wedding, showing a video of the ceremony, a slideshow of your photographer's chosen shots of the day, or perhaps snippets of the hen party or stag night (after you have suitably edited them of course) this could be shown during the earlier part of the evening as your guests arrive or over background music during dining or buffet service.


Contrary to popular belief you do not need a room the size of a stadium to have a video disco, we can cater for any size function, and in most cases requiring no additional space at all, multiple or large screens are also available upon request.

Our video systems can also run through your venue's projection equipment, enabling video to be shown on extra screens around the room, or even transmitted through to another room or separate bar (subject to venue agreement).

Disco Systems

We Have A Range Of Systems
To Suit Any Venue Large Or Small

Disco Package 3 at The Barn at Willerby Hill.
Corporate Disco Package 4.
Disco System 2 at Rowley Manor Hotel.
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