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Photo Booth GDPR Consent & Release Form

Photographic or Digital Image Data.

Photographic Digital Image Data will be collected as a necessary part of the process and operation of our photo booths and distributed as printed media to users of the photo booth at the event, Russell Pro DJ have no control of the use of this media once supplied to any persons invited or uninvited using the photo booth at your event.

When requested to do so by the hirer digital image data collected at the event will be distributed via our website on a dedicated event page and may be shared, printed, and downloaded by page visitors. Russell Pro DJ have no control of the use of this data once accessed by visitors to this page, we therefore recommend that you supply us with a password to limit access to this data only to the hirer and persons using the photo booth at your event.

General photographs of the event including group images of guests on the dance floor may be used by Russell Pro DJ for promotional purposes with the agreement and consent of the hirer.


Copies of digital image data collected by use of the photo booth at the event may be retained as a client backup and provided only to the hirer when requested to do so.

All data retained can be deleted at any time by the request of the hirer.


Consent will be required from the hirer to use image data as outlined above prior to the start of the event in accordance with GDPR law, this consent will account for others being photographed if at a group event.

It will be the responsibility of the hirer to communicate with any guests/family/friends and anyone to be present at the event that a photographer/photo booth equipment will be in operation at the event and publicly taking photographs, any objections should be notified to Russell Pro DJ prior to the start of the event and anyone objecting should be advised to refrain from use of the photo booth and to inform photographers/photo booth operators of their objection.


No data collected during the operation of our photo booth or disco events will be sold to third party companies or organisations.

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